What you can save

Engaging a law firm to prepare legal documents for your business can cost £100s. With Unum LifeWorks Legal online you can save you £1000's in legal fees and still prepare high- quality legal documents to ensure your business is fully compliant.

Below is a list of documents and the cost a law firm is likely to charge for their preparation:

Telephone legal advice £232
Compromise agreement £550
Consultancy agreement £315
Employee handbook £770
Employment agreement £295
Employment statement £20
Non-disclosure agreement £290
Partnership agreement £720
Shareholder agreement £865
Terms & conditions for website £660
Total cost1 £4,717


  1. Research completed in September 2015 by MyLawyer Solicitors LLP. Cost savings calculated by mystery shopping law firms in seven major UK regions, for comparable documents to those offered on this website. All the above savings are inclusive of VAT. Telephone legal advice is based on one hour's usage per annum at average hourly solicitor cost. Figures have been rounded to the nearest £5.