How you can benefit

At Unum, we recognise that all business owners are under pressure to comply with many frequently changing laws and regulations, such as employment and health and safety. Our business legal service is designed to alleviate some of this pressure and give you one less thing to worry about.

Unum LifeWorks Legal will give you access to:

  • Documents - an easy-to-use document preparation system which includes hundreds of customisable legal documents, contracts, policies and letter templates
  • Advice - experienced business law advisers on hand for advice over the phone
  • Guides - comprehensive, jargon-free guides to business law
  • Updates - regular updates on business laws and regulations via e-bulletins

Conveniently available online and over the phone, Unum LifeWorks Legal will help you to:

  • Comply with employment and health and safety laws
  • Take steps to recover debts legally
  • Protect your interests when trading
  • Get to grips with your legal rights and obligations
  • Deal with many of the other legal requirements of running a business